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AGL Golf Leisure
Putting Green

FIBRE MATERIAL: 100% polyethylene monofilament/microcurled
PILE HEIGHT: 9/16 inches
PILE WEIGHT: 42 oz. per square yard
PERMEABILITY: 6 inches per hour (min)
STITCH GAUGE: 3/16 inch

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Kent Fringe Grass

PRIMARY FIBRE COLOUR: Field Green & Olive Green
FIBRE MATERIAL: 100% polyethylene monofilament/microcurled
PILE HEIGHT: 1 3/16 inch
PILE WEIGHT: 44 oz. per square yard
PERMEABILITY: 12 inches per hour (min)
STITCH GAUGE: 3/8 inch

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Saratoga 60

PRIMARY FIBRE COLOUR: Field Green & Olive Green
FIBRE MATERIAL: 100% polyethylene monofilament/microcurled
PILE HEIGHT: 1 3/4 inches
PILE WEIGHT: 60 oz. per square yard
PERMEABILITY: 30 inches per hour (min)
STITCH GAUGE: 3/8 inch

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USAGE: Indoor or Outdoor
FEATURES: UV and IFR Technology
WEIGHT: Approx. 7kg Per Panel
DISTRIBUTION: 72 Plants Per Panel

About AGL Grass

AGL Grass is one of the longest-standing companies in the artificial grass landscaping industry, leveraging high-performance commercial solutions, and redefining them for home buildingschools and playgroundspet parks, commercial businesses, and more. AGL Grass holds itself to the highest of standards, partnering with like-minded innovators who have a passion for bringing green spaces to life. Beauty knows no bounds when partnering with AGL Grass, from lush, evergreen landscaping grasses to year-round green living walls of vibrant, curated foliage.

Today, AGL Grass is a turn-key operation for the design and installation of captivating landscapes that have everyone asking the same thing: “Is that real grass?” No. It’s so much more. With dealers and distributors across North America, everlasting greenery is closer than you think.

Experience nature beyond your wildest dreams today with AGL Grass.

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    How Can AGL Grass Help You?
    AGL Grass
    no infill needed
    Triple layer backing
    Delustered Fibres
    Soft-Touch blades
    UV and Fire rated
    Experienced Professionals

    AGL Grass
    Synthetic Grass Products

    The most realistic and innovative synthetic grass products in the industry – no infill needed!

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    Any Application

    AGL Solutions

    Become the envy of the neighborhood with a lush green lawn 365 days a year. We have synthetic grass for any application including; front and back yards, safety surfaces and playgrounds, backyard putting greens, rooftops and terraces, store fronts and more!


    AGL Sufaces Idyllion Stone Slabs Logo Green  

    AGL Grass introduces its latest division of landscaping excellence, AGL Surfaces. AGL Surfaces brings to market Idyllion Stone Slabs, sophisticated exterior-grade sintered stone slabs for all surfacing needs including outdoor flooring and paving, facades, swimming pools and coping, outdoor kitchens and BBQs, and customized outdoor features.

    Discover the limitless possibilities of transforming landscapes with Idyllion Stone Slabs by AGL Surfaces.

    Specify AGL Grass For Your Next Project

    Designed for professionals, CAD Details is the place to access our technical data sheets, construction details, and CAD drawings for all your project needs.

    AGL Grass CAD Details Logo

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    Artificial Living Walls
    by VistaFolia

    AGL Grass offers the world’s most beautiful and realistic artificial green wall solution in Canada and across the USA for indoor and outdoor applications. VistaFolia leads the market in faux living walls with innovative technologies to create ultra-realistic greenery that is lush, vibrant, and truly unforgettable.

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    feel all of our best in-class fake grass products.


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    AGL Grass by the Numbers

    Millions of
    Sq. Feet
    …of synthetic turf installed each year.
    …of industry knowledge and experience with artificial grass and installation.
    …worry-free warranty on our grass products.
    …child and pet friendly.
    Featured Work

    Aviva Centre

    Over 12,000 square feet of AGL turf was installed in various locations at the Aviva Centre in Toronto Ontario.

    All works

    The “Freshly Mowed” Look

    The “Freshly Mowed” look shown here at one of our beautiful residential projects in Burlington Ontario.

    All Works

    “Unzipped” Toronto

    The clean and lush green look of AGL synthetic grass surrounding the Serpentine Pavilion (called “Unzipped”) in Toronto Ontario.

    All Works

    People’s #1 Choice

    After hundreds of fake grass installations in Ontario, and the best artificial grass reviews, it’s safe to say that AGL Grass is the go-to for the best artificial turf in Canada.

    Leading Artificial Grass Supplier for Contractors
    With the addition of our new warehouse and training facility, we’ve become one of the largest artificial grass supplier in Canada.

    We’re On TV
    Our premium artificial grass has been featured on the likes of TSN, HGTV, the Oscars, Emmys, and many other shows.

    Beauty Without The Bother

    AGL is a trusted name in artificial grass, with a full range of residential and commercial solutions and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

    AGL is the first choice for property owners and planners who are looking to transform their space, cut down on costly maintenance and reclaim their free time.

    With over 30 years of experience, our knowledge of materials and their applications knows no equal. We’ve pioneered a polyethylene grass blade that is non-porous and impervious to staining, animal waste, road salts and chlorine – and requires no infill, which is not only safer, but also cleaner and more convenient.

    Beauty Without
    The Bother
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    Beauty Without
    The Bother
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    See Why AGL
    is the Artificial Grass
    Canada Craves

    Eliminate your lawn care routine with the best residential
    and commercial synthetic grass in Canada.

    Time to ditch those brown patches and bald spots. Our high-quality artificial turf is a maintenance-free solution. Say au revoir to mowing, watering, and fertilizing for good.

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    Just because it’s synthetic, doesn’t mean it has to look like fake grass. We’ve developed soft, naturally-shaped, delustered blades that look and feel like natural grass.


    Our synthetic grass and turf products are expertly engineered and rigorously tested to ensure year-round dependability. Even in winter, our proprietary backing won’t shrink or stretch.


    More people are choosing AGL turf to reduce harmful emissions and dangerous chemicals. It’s green grass today for a green future tomorrow.


    Our synthetic grass is made for everyone to enjoy. We exceed every safety standard for kids while delivering tough and non-toxic artificial turf for pets.


    Through intensive research and development, we’ve taken our synthetic grass to a level even the best fake grass can’t match. Our products are backed by a 15-year warranty.


    Our clients say it best

    I just wanted to write in and say thank you!! I love the new turf. The crew did an amazing job.  Everyone was very professional and worked very hard to get my install done. I was surprised how fast it went once the prep work was done to put it down. We’re so very pleased with the results. Thank you again!

    Stacy G.

    Our new grass looks fabulous!! Your crew leader & entire installation team managed the install extremely well. Minimal disruption to our court neighbours, and extremely pleasant to work with. Thank you!

    Aldo D.

    This is so incredibly great!! Thank you, AGL Grass. The guys are tremendous. Such high quality work. Meticulous. It was a pleasure.


    The whole team that installed the grass was award-winning amazing! Total teamwork and great quality installation! Everyone on the team worked super hard and smart, it was amazing to see really! Also, very pleasant, and very polite. Great work ethic. It was worth the wait! Proud owner of an AGL Grass Install.


    I can’t tell you enough how impressed I was with the team that came in to do the work on our back yard.  Fast, Efficient, Clean and most importantly meticulous with the work. We are very happy with the results.  Crew Leader was courteous, patient and made it such a great experience.

    Mike M.

    Friends and neighbours that have seen our back yard have all commented on how remarkable it looks. We look forward to many years of enjoyment out of the grass, and will not hesitate for a moment to recommend Artificial Grass & Landscaping to anyone. Thanks to you and the entire AGL crew!

    Dan T.

    I love my grass from AGL. The service was great and the final result is amazing. They came up with a great design after visiting my home and the crew was able to execute the design perfectly. Two years later the grass looks as good as new and people still walk by our home and have to stop to feel it. I absolutely recommend Artificial Grass and Landscaping, you’ll be glad you called.

    Ron V.
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    How Much Money Can Artificial Grass Save Per Year?

    Book your free on-site appointment today. We’ll tell you about the cost of artificial grass and how much AGL turf is going to save you year over year.

    Get the most attractive synthetic grass on the market. It doesn’t just look real, it feels like real grass too.

    – You’ll Have to Look Twice

    Our soft-touch grass blades and delustered fibers look and feel natural.
    Our polyethylene grass blades are impervious to staining, animal waste, road salts, and chlorine.

    Featured Products

    AGL Vistafolia Artificial Green Walls
    AGL Vistafolia Artificial Green Walls
    AGL Vistafolia Artificial Green Walls

    Vistafolia Artificial Green Walls

    AGL Majestic 70 Artificial Grass Information
    AGL Majestic 70 Artificial Grass Information
    AGL Majestic 70 Artificial Grass Information

    Majestic 70

    AGL Modern Contemporary Aluminum Panels
    AGL Modern Contemporary Aluminum Panels
    AGL Modern Contemporary Aluminum Panels

    Contemporary Panelz from AGL

    AGL Advanced Water Vapour Fireplaces
    AGL Advanced Water Vapour Fireplaces
    AGL Advanced Water Vapour Fireplaces

    Afire Water Vapour Fireplaces

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