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Premium and Best In-Class
Artificial Grass in Hamilton

Say goodbye to lawn care forever. Enjoy next generation artificial grass for residential and commercial applications in Hamilton.

AGL Grass is the trusted name in artificial grass in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Dundas, and nearby areas. Our lawn care experts provide best-in-class artificial grass and creative landscape services.

With over 30 years of experience in pioneering innovation, we are uniquely positioned to partner with homeowners and commercial property owners.

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    How Can AGL Grass Help You?

    Why AGL Grass?

    From professional artificial grass installation to easy maintenance, this is lawn care without the headache. Trust the AGL Grass team for a professionally installed lawn.


    When you choose AGL Grass, you are ditching those brown patches and bald spots within your lawn. Our synthetic grass is a low maintenance solution. Say au revoir to mowing, watering, and fertilizing for good.

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    No lawn mowing. No watering. No fertilizing. Get back to doing the things you love with the people you enjoy being around!

    Just because it’s artificial grass doesn’t mean it has to look like it. As pioneers in the industry, we have meticulously developed soft, naturally-shaped, delustered blades that look and feel like natural grass.

    Our synthetic grass is made for everyone to enjoy. We exceed every safety standard for kids while delivering tough and non-toxic artificial turf for pets and dogs.

    The cost of lawn maintenance upkeep, fertilizers, and equipment adds up—fast. Put those dollars to work on more important things.

    It’s the artificial grass that winters in Hamilton can’t crack. Enjoy year-round performance and aesthetics without the hassle.

    Our leading 15-year warranty ensures you’ll continue to enjoy your luscious lawn—worry-free.

    Any Application

    Premium, Best In-Class Synthetic Grass in Hamilton and Nearby Areas

    AGL Grass has transformed thousands of residential and commercial properties in Ontario. We have designed our premium fake grass products to be better and withstand long-term wear and tear.

    Our artificial grass capabilities in Hamilton and nearby areas include the following applications:

    No matter your application, our artificial grass products and installation are customizable to suit your every need. Connect with our team today!

    Our 30+ Years of Artificial Grass
    Experience Speaks for Itself

    Millions of
    Sq. Feet
    …of synthetic turf installed each year.
    …of industry knowledge and experience with artificial grass and installation.
    …worry-free warranty on our grass products.
    …child and pet friendly.
    Products and Services

    Artificial Lawn Installation Services

    Not sure where to begin on your landscape journey?

    Start with a free estimate and some expert advice from one of our trusted lawn and landscape professionals. We will help you decide which artificial lawn products are right for you while balancing your needs, tastes, and budget.

    When you’re ready to install your beautiful new lawn, trust our dedicated installation crews to get the job done right and on-time.

    If you’re looking for some landscaping inspiration, we’re always happy to discuss new trends and timeless ideas with you, too.

    Get Your Free On-Site Quote!

    This isn’t the ordinary fake grass you find in Hamilton, this is superior synthetic grass from AGL.

    We provide beauty without the bother.

    Our next-generation artificial grass comes highly recommended for both residential homes and commercial business applications.

    Eliminate your lawn care routine with the best residential and commercial fake grass in Canada.

      How Can AGL Grass Help You?
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