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Artificial Grass for Commercial Applications

Create the ultimate first impression
and incredible curb appeal!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS are of the utmost importance for businesses and commercial properties, and attractive landscaping is a means of enticing new customers.

AGL Artificial Grass is the business-savvy choice for any type of commercial or public property. Business office parks, storefronts, shopping malls, concert and picnic areas, water and amusement parks, and even road medians can look that much better with our lush, synthetic grass. Welcome walk-in customers with a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Create a relaxing, informal indoor space for educating clients, sharing ideas with employees, or taking a break in a separate, private relaxing communal space with colleagues. The possibilities are endless with AGL Grass!

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No more watering
AGL Numbers
No more mowing
AGL Numbers
No more weeding
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No more fertilizing
save your money

AGL Artificial Grass – Making Dollars and Sense!

Consider the money you’ll save with AGL artificial grass – Say goodbye to recurring costs for lawn maintenance on your property.

Entice customers to visit your business by having an inviting, beautiful-looking landscape in front of your commercial property!

Limitless Possibilities

No Infill Required

We use the latest manufacturing technology to create grass blades that do not require infill. This provides our clients with a much safer and cleaner final project with little to no maintenance.

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Installation by
Experienced Professionals

Our artificial grass installation crews go the extra mile with every project to ensure your artificial grass is installed professionally and properly.

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Millions of
Sq. Feet
…of synthetic turf installed each year.
…of industry knowledge and experience with artificial grass and installation.
…worry-free warranty on our grass products.
…child and pet friendly.
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Make a

Make your business stand out from the crowd by adding your company logo to your AGL grass!

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What we do

Making a


AGL Grass is making a difference
at McMaster Children’s Hospital

AGL is very proud to have been a part of the creation of several rooftop playgrounds at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario.

We couldn’t have done it without the help of our friend AISAK – possibly our next generation of Landscape Designers! He enjoyed helping us to decide the colours of artificial grass to be used in the creative installation. You can also see behind him, one of the areas that were later transformed into a unique playground.

Thanks to these new play areas, children like Aisak and their families can now play outside and enjoy the fresh air – something the hospital was not able to provide in the past. Our AGL artificial grass was the perfect choice for this application because it is extremely safe, exceeding all CSA requirements for safety surfaces. AGL Grass also meets all ADA accessibility requirements which means that EVERYONE can enjoy these play areas!

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