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Durable Artificial Grass


Durable Artificial Grass
Without The Maintenance

Enhance your outdoor spaces with curated luxury artificial grass by AGL Grass.

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    How Can AGL Grass Help You?

    Durable Artificial Grass
    With Unstoppable Performance

    AGL Grass LUX is changing the game when it comes to landscaping with our high-performance non-infill artificial grass. We offer the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and realistic feel with durable artificial grass that lasts a lifetime.

    With our advanced technologies, we engineered a high-performance grass blade that rebounds naturally after compression boasting exceptional performance without infill. Built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, including extreme heat, freezing temperatures, and heavy rainfall, our durable artificial grass products are tough enough to bounce back to their naturally lush and soft state 365 days a year.

    Durable Artificial Grass

    Without the Infill

    Yes, You Read That Right.

    AGL Grass proudly offers the market’s most innovative and durable artificial grass solutions that look even better than natural grass. Our luxury artificial grasses have been engineered to stand on their own above the rest without the need for sand or any type of infill to be resilient. Gone is the need for truckloads of infill, hours of installation, and maintenance to keep it clean.

    Soft, durable and mess-free grass – that’s AGL Grass LUX.

    The Ultimate Surface For
    Ultimate Performance

    AGL Grass LUX ‘s rebound technology enhances performance and playability by mimicking natural grass. Our ultra-realistic non-infill artificial grass is provides a true to life feel to replicate the playing field without the drawbacks of real grass. No mowing, watering, fertilizing, or weeding, leaving you more time to perfect your game.

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    Durable Artificial Grass
    Fit For Play

    The softest and most durable artificial grass for safe and comfortable play. AGL Grass LUX non-infill artificial grass provides a clean surface that is tough enough to withstand the heavy foot traffic of parks and playgrounds. Our long-lasting artificial grass products stay lush even after hours of play thanks to our innovative grass blade technology that rebounds after compression. Run, jump, and play all day with soft, cushioned grass under your feet with AGL Grass LUX.

    Our clients say it best

    I just wanted to write in and say thank you!! I love the new turf. The crew did an amazing job.  Everyone was very professional and worked very hard to get my install done. I was surprised how fast it went once the prep work was done to put it down. We’re so very pleased with the results. Thank you again!

    Stacy G.

    Our new grass looks fabulous!! Your crew leader & entire installation team managed the install extremely well. Minimal disruption to our court neighbours, and extremely pleasant to work with. Thank you!

    Aldo D.

    This is so incredibly great!! Thank you, AGL Grass. The guys are tremendous. Such high quality work. Meticulous. It was a pleasure.


    The whole team that installed the grass was award-winning amazing! Total teamwork and great quality installation! Everyone on the team worked super hard and smart, it was amazing to see really! Also, very pleasant, and very polite. Great work ethic. It was worth the wait! Proud owner of an AGL Grass Install.


    I can’t tell you enough how impressed I was with the team that came in to do the work on our back yard.  Fast, Efficient, Clean and most importantly meticulous with the work. We are very happy with the results.  Crew Leader was courteous, patient and made it such a great experience.

    Mike M.

    Friends and neighbours that have seen our back yard have all commented on how remarkable it looks. We look forward to many years of enjoyment out of the grass, and will not hesitate for a moment to recommend Artificial Grass & Landscaping to anyone. Thanks to you and the entire AGL crew!

    Dan T.

    I love my grass from AGL. The service was great and the final result is amazing. They came up with a great design after visiting my home and the crew was able to execute the design perfectly. Two years later the grass looks as good as new and people still walk by our home and have to stop to feel it. I absolutely recommend Artificial Grass and Landscaping, you’ll be glad you called.

    Ron V.
    Millions of
    Sq. Feet
    …of synthetic turf installed each year.
    …of industry knowledge and experience with artificial grass and installation.
    …worry-free warranty on our grass products.
    …child and pet friendly.
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