Case Study

Case Study:
Rooftop Plant Wall
in Surrey, BC

November 13, 2022

Rooftop Plant Wall
in Surrey

On a warm summer’s evening, it’s nice to have the luxury of being able to sit outside and enjoy the sunset. This client in Surrey had the perfect space to do it, but wasn’t overly taken with the plain white concrete wall that surrounded their roof terrace. To liven this space for their tenants, the client looked to Vistafolia for a vibrant solution.


The addition of a Vistafolia artificial green wall to clad around the unsightly façade was the perfect solution for this. The random nature of Vistafolia’s green foliage looks completely natural once installed, helping it to blend seamlessly into the background. The zero-maintenance nature of the panels also means that the client never has to worry about fading in the sun either. Plus, the addition of plant boxes allowed for personalisation to suit the client’s taste, leaving them with a green wall that was exactly what they were looking for.

Rooftop Plant Wall in Surrey

Part of the reason that the client chose to go with a Vistafolia plant wall was the ability to offer complete bespoke work and design solutions specific to their needs.

Along with the excellent service, the client was also drawn to Vistafolia’s unique UV stable and fire rated blend, and stunningly beautiful hand-designed approach.

Transform your rooftop into a unique lookout by reaching out to AGL Grass today to find out why an artificial green wall could be the perfect addition to your space.