Case Study

Case Study:
Artificial Living Walls
in Las Vegas, Nevada

November 1, 2022

Artificial Living Wall
at Las Vegas Tanning Salon

Many businesses these days are turning to an indoor artificial green wall as a way of making the premises look more appealing to their customers. Natural living green walls can often present a number of challenges such as irrigation and maintenance. And so, a Vistafolia faux green wall is often the perfect solution for adding some much-needed colour to a room without burdening yourself with ongoing costs of replacement plants, fertilizers and the running of a watering system, costs which small businesses often do not have the budget for.


At Summerhouse Tan in Las Vegas, Nevada, they saw the value in both creating a relaxing atmosphere for their customers and setting themselves apart from other businesses that didn’t have the same level of a luxurious interior. They tasked our partners to add artificial green wall panels to the room to completely transform the space from plain to green in no time at all. Vistafolia’s unique and easy-to-use fixing system meant the green wall was straightforward to install and caused no disruption to the business.

To finish the look, the customer customized the finish of the wall with ultra-realistic additional foliage from our Delicate White Colour Boxes and Lush Green Texture Boxes. One of the many reasons that they opted to use Vistafolia for the project was because of the personalization options that were on offer, meaning that every replica green wall that VistaFolia installs is completely unique and tailored to the client’s preferences.

Artificial Living Walls at AGL Grass

Are you interested in finding out more about green walls in Las Vegas or somewhere else in North America? Could your business benefit from the impressive aesthetics that a Vistafolia indoor artificial green wall offers? Then contact our team today to find out why AGL Grass is the number one choice for artificial plant walls across the USA and Canada.

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Rooftop Plant Wall in Surrey

November 13, 2022

On a warm summer’s evening, it’s nice to have the luxury of being able to sit outside and enjoy the sunset. This client in Surrey had the perfect space to do it, but wasn’t overly taken with the plain white concrete wall that surrounded their roof terrace. To liven this space for their tenants, the client looked to Vistafolia for a vibrant solution.