Case Study

Case Study:
Artificial Living Walls
at AGL Grass Showroom

November 8, 2022

Artificial Living Wall
at AGL Grass

Vistafolia’s hyper-realistic artificial living walls are a visual product that deserves to be seen up close. Even upon a thorough inspection, it’s still hard to believe that it isn’t real. So, it’s no surprise that we choose to highlight such an incredible product in our showroom by making the faux plant walls a focal point at AGL. Creating that welcoming first impression is key to getting off on the right foot and making that sale.


As Vistafolia’s partner in Canada, AGL Grass showcased its hand-designed panels to adorn sections of our innovative, modernized, and stunning showroom just outside of Toronto. This way, we can show customers the beauty that our green walls have to offer, as well as the exciting customization options. Our clients can get a really good feel for the Vistafolia difference alongside chatting with our team of experts about our unique product line.

As well as using the panels to improve the overall aesthetic of the space, we decided to incorporate the faux plant panels with our AGL Grass logo, creating a prominent focal point for the room behind our reception desk. The colour and texture boxes in the walls can easily be switched out to freshen up the aesthetic as the seasons change, or as we wish. Every Vistafolia installation is completely unique, meaning every client gets the living wall of their dreams with minimal fuss.

Artificial Living Walls at AGL Grass

Why not get in touch with AGL Grass to find out how we can transform your backyard, brighten up your office, or rejuvenate your shop or restaurant with artificial living walls and our other AGL products. Better yet, visit our showroom to feel the AGL difference today.

Press & Media

Rooftop Plant Wall in Surrey

November 13, 2022

On a warm summer’s evening, it’s nice to have the luxury of being able to sit outside and enjoy the sunset. This client in Surrey had the perfect space to do it, but wasn’t overly taken with the plain white concrete wall that surrounded their roof terrace. To liven this space for their tenants, the client looked to Vistafolia for a vibrant solution.

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