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Artificial Grass on Decking

Did you know that it’s possible, and even easy to, install artificial grass on decking? According to Business Insider, more and more people are seeing that artificial grass can be used for more than just landscaping. But you may be asking yourself…

May 23, 2022

Why Would I Lay Artificial Grass on Decking?

High-quality artificial grass, not just fake grass, has become popular in a wide range of previously unconsidered landscaping applications. It has become a way for homeowners to improve the appearance of an older-looking deck (as long as it’s still in good condition structurally).

Installing artificial grass on top of a wood deck is also perfect for households that have little to no actual yard space or no time to maintain a natural grass lawn. After all, the maintenance of an artificial lawn amounts to an occasional sweep. No watering, cutting, or weeding.

But there are a few things to keep in mind before you jump in.

Is Your Deck Suitable for Artificial Grass?

It’s of utmost importance to ensure that your existing decking is in good condition before starting to lay the artificial grass. Make sure no decking boards are starting to rot.

Many folks are worried about drainage and ask if installing artificial grass itself will cause a deck to rot. As long as your deck was installed correctly and you know that water will drain as usual, artificial grass shouldn’t cause problems.

Other things to check for and update are:

  • Wide gaps between boards: Depending on how old your deck is, some boards may have shrunk. Move boards accordingly to avoid big gaps.
  • A clean and clear surface: It’s a great idea to clear your deck completely and give it a good wash before any type of artificial grass installation.
  • A weed membrane underneath your deck: If your deck was initially installed properly, there should be a weed membrane underneath it. This keeps weeds from popping through the gaps in your deck boards. If weeds come through, they will impact the look of your artificial grass.
  • The gradient: Your deck should have been installed with a gradient or slope allowing water to drip off of it. Over time, deck supports may sink slightly. Make sure the gradient still exists.

The Best Way to Lay Artificial Grass on Decking

So your first step is preparing your deck. And actually, that can often be the hard part. What’s next?

Install the Underlay

What you lay beneath your artificial grass is as important as the grass itself. Rolling out an underlay will prevent your actual decking boards from showing through the grass. Plus, it helps cover any gaps.

There are two suggested types of underlay:

  • Foam Shock Pad
  • Geogrid

A foam pad underlay is designed to provide a little cushion under the grass, while still allowing water to drain through. The pad is available in different thicknesses so you can have as much, or as little padding as needed.

Another alternative is a woven geogrid material. This can be used on its own or together with a foam pad underlay. The geogrid provides an air gap between the artificial grass and the decking, which helps prevent the deck from mold or wood rot.

Lay the Grass

This next step offers up some pretty instant gratification. However, it’s super important to get your measurements right! You’ll also need to decide what direction you want to lay it. Keep in mind that you may have seams.

It’s also a good idea to lay the grass in place and then give it some time to adjust to the temperature and environment before tacking it into place.

As far as tacking goes, we feel it’s better to use nails than glue. The glue will hold well but also tear away the shock pad and possibly decking if you want to move the grass.

If You’re Ready to Improve the Look of Your Space, We’re Here to Help

There are many ways to lay artificial grass on decking. More and more customers are taking advantage of exciting new design options when it comes to the types of artificial grass they want to install and where they want to install it. For example, rooftop decks are a great way to enjoy outdoor living if you have no yard at all.

While installation can seem simple, it’s important to know what you’re doing. At AGL, we offer both residential and commercial artificial grass applications. Is it time for you to give up weeding, mowing, and watering? Contact us to talk about your next-generation lawn.

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