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For Dogs

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Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

The pet-friendly turf solution for pet
owners and training facilities

AGL Grass provides pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs and pets, the ideal solution for pet owners and training facilities. AGL Synthetic Grass is 100% pet-safe– It’s 100% non-toxic, soft to the touch and durable enough to handle even the most rambunctious of dogs.

Our artificial grass for dogs and pets is sure to keep your furry friends happy and mud-free with our premium synthetic grass. Not only does this make it the perfect solution for your backyard, but AGL Grass is also ideal for Kennels, Veterinary Clinics, Doggy Daycares, Dog Training Facilities and “Off-Leash” Parks as well.

Luxury Artificial Grass

For Dogs

Create the perfect pet paradise for your best friend with luxury artificial grass for dogs by AGL Grass.

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    How Can AGL Grass Help You?
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    Premium Pet Friendly Grass For Your Best Friend

    Benefits of AGL Grass K9 Grass:

    ○ No Bare Spots or Dead Grass
    ○ No Unpleasant Odours
    ○ No Muddy Dogs and Paws
    ○ No Infill
    ○ No Mowing
    ○ No Toxic Pesticides
    ○ Drains Quickly
    ○ Extremely Durable

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    No more muddy paws
    AGL Numbers
    No more brown spots
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    Does not stain
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    Drains quickly

    What Artificial Grass Is Best For Dogs?

    All AGL Grass LUX products are 100% safe for dogs and pets to play on!

    Choose the grass style that suits your landscaping, and rest easy knowing your pets can play all day on your new AGL Grass lawn!

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    Questions About AGL Grass For Pets

    To clean up after your pet does their business, a simple scoop is all you need! If extra clean up is required, easily rinse off any excess residue with a hose. All AGL Grass products can be easily maintained using a leaf blower, power washer, or leaf rake to keep your grass looking fresh and natural.


    All products from AGL Grass are completely safe for pets to play on. AGL Grass has been installed at hundreds of doggy daycares, pet parks, canine training facilities and pet hotels across North America. There are no toxins or harmful chemicals in any of our products, leaving the environment and your pets safe.


    All AGL Grass products are durable and stain-resistant, meaning no more bald spots and yellow patches of grass on your lawn. Our grass products will not stain, break down, or leach onto your pet’s fur even with the toughest of play. With an AGL Grass lawn, you can say goodbye to muddy paw prints from pets, dead grass, and all the maintenance that comes with a natural grass lawn.


    Compared to natural grass, AGL Grass products maintain only 5 – 15 degree difference. Other artificial turf products can heat up substantially, up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. So rest easy knowing your pets can safety play on AGL Grass even on those hot summer days.


    No infill of any kind is needed with AGL Grass! Our grass is engineered to perform without sand, envirofill, zeofill or any other added materials. Sand and other infill options create a “litter box” effect in your backyard by holding on to foul odours from your pet’s business, clumping together and getting stuck to your pet’s fur. AGL Grass synthetic grass products are specifically designed to stay fluffed up and avoid premature wear and tear with our innovative grass blade technology. No infill grass means no bad smells and no annoying pieces of materials between you and your grass or on your pet’s fur.

    AGL Grass is the first artificial grass company to have provided a non-infill grass product in the industry for as long as 15 years now. The technology is and has proven to be a great success.


    What Pet Owners Think Of AGL Grass

    Wow! The quality of AGL Grass turf is second to none and our daycare’s dogs got to play on it this week for the first time and loved it. No more mud on rainy days. Super happy!!

    Rachelle S.

    We love the look of the backyard. It doesn’t look super fake like the artificial grass in the past. It’s lush and vibrant. Our dogs love it too and spend the day just lying on the grass. Spotting and cleaning up their “business” is a breeze, any messes are just picked up and hosed down. No more muddy paws and no more cutting the lawn!

    Stephanie B.

    AGL Grass installed turf in my 7200 ft² facility for dog training. They were fast and most importantly it looks great!

    Shield K9 Dog Training

    I had an issue with my dog destroying my yard. When it rained it turned into a mud bath. My wife and I were getting depressed every time rain was forecasted. I visited AGL Grass last winter to discuss my issues. They had artificial grass specifically made for dogs. They worked around my underground watering system so that it will automatically wash away any smells. I would definitely recommend AGL Grass to anyone, especially if you have a dog!

    Paul C.
    Pet Friendly Lawns

    Happy Customers

    Here are some happy customers enjoying their new AGL Grass artificial lawn!

    Happy Customers

    Here are some happy customers enjoying their new AGL Grass artificial lawn!

    Happy Customers

    Here are some happy customers enjoying their new AGL Grass artificial lawn!

    Happy Customers

    Here are some happy customers enjoying their new AGL Grass artificial lawn!

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    Transform Your Yard Into
    A Pet Paradise

    Give your furry friend the softest, safest, most realistic artificial grass on the market with AGL Grass! Choose from a variety of grass styles knowing all of our grass products are 100% safe for dogs and pets to play on 365 days a year! With AGL Grass, you’ll never have to worry about keeping up on lawn maintenance ever again. Let’s work together to turn your pet perfect yard into reality!

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