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Artificial grass is a great way to get the beautiful lawn you’ve always dreamed of, without the hassle of watering, cutting, or the need for potentially harmful fertilizers. You can enjoy a beautiful lawn year-round that looks and feels just like real grass (unlike the fake grass look from decades prior). But the question remains, how much does artificial grass cost vs. traditional grass, and is the price worth it? Below, we’ll discuss the lifetime artificial turf cost vs. real grass and whether switching to an artificial lawn is right for you.

May 23, 2022

How Much Is Artificial Grass?

This is the number one question we hear from buyers: How much does artificial grass cost?

There are several costs to consider when comparing the lifetime costs of a synthetic lawn vs. a traditional lawn. Ongoing maintenance and upfront costs, which include cost per square foot, materials and preparation costs, play the largest role in determining overall prices.

Artificial Grass Prices Per Square Foot

The main factor that determines artificial grass installation cost is the size of the area. Synthetic grass costs can range from $8 to $20 per square foot, depending on materials, labor, planning, and preparation.


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Materials Included in Upfront Lawn Turf Prices

Part of the reason why your turf grass price may have a greater upfront cost is the materials used for installation. In addition to the actual artificial grass, you’ll need:

  • Limestone screening
  • Weed barrier fabric
  • Garden edge trim
  • Glue, nails, seaming tape, and stakes

While pricing for these materials varies depending on quality, you can still make estimates to understand your costs.

Limestone screenings are a mixture of crushed rocks and are installed as a base to add stability to your artificial lawn. One of the least expensive options for your base is approximately $40 per yard.

Weed barrier fabric is used to prevent weeds from growing through your synthetic lawn. It is sold in rolls of 1,500 sq/ft and costs between $1.50 – $2.35 per sq/ft.

Garden edge strips provide an edge for your artificial lawn to keep it separated from the rest of your landscape. These come in a variety of sizes, types, and materials in average rolls of about 20 feet for $40. Like other materials, the prices vary depending on what type of garden edge trim you use.

Installation materials such as glue, nails, seaming tape, and stakes are used to keep your artificial lawn in place and connect strips together so nothing moves. For the best estimate in calculating your artificial turf cost, a 1,000 sq/ft lawn will cost about $200 for these materials.

Miscellaneous materials aren’t always necessary, but they can add to the overall protection and longevity of your lawn depending on the purpose of your lawn. Residential pet owners or dog parks may wish to include a urine odor remover. Putting greens and golf courses will want to invest in flag sets and golf cups.

Comparing How Much Artificial Turf Costs with the Price of Sod

Rolls of sod can cost between $4 to $7 for DIY installation. Professional installation prices range between $0.90 to $4 depending on the quality and type of grass you choose. For a 2,000-square-foot lawn, expect to pay $3,600 to $7,000 for installation.

Like with artificial grass prices, materials and preparation costs will add to your overall upfront sod pricing, but the real costs of sod come into play with monthly lawn maintenance and watering fees.

This is where the price of artificial lawn and sod vary greatly.

Ongoing Maintenance Costs

There are virtually no ongoing costs with AGL’s high-quality synthetic grass. No matter the time of year, you’ll have a beautiful lush green lawn that looks and feels real without the need to water your lawn, add fertilizer, or mow.

Sod, on the other hand, continues to cost more as the years progress. Even basic lawn maintenance includes:

  • Continued watering
  • Mowing
  • Fertilizer
  • Weedkiller or manually pulling weeds
  • Your valuable time

The Cost of Watering Your Lawn

Regular watering is essential to the survival of your lawn and will appreciably raise your water bills-a big factor to consider when assessing your lifetime fake grass cost.

You will need one inch of water per week or 0.623 gallons of water per square foot of lawn. To calculate your own prices, use the following equations:

  • Multiply the width of your lawn by the length of your lawn for your square footage
  • Multiply lawn size by 0.623 for how many gallons of water you will need per week
  • Divide the number of gallons needed by 1,000, then multiply this number by how much you pay per 1,000 gallons for water and sewage

Example: If 1,000 gallons of water plus sewage costs $4, you will spend $25 for every inch of water or $100 per month for a 1,000 sq/ft lawn. Only watering for half the year, April-September (26 weeks), will equal $650 per year.

If you decide to install an irrigation system, you’ll want to include the cost of installation when you compare how much is artificial grass vs. natural grass.

The Cost of Mowing

A lawn service can cost around $1,000 per year for mowing, raking, fertilizer, and weed killer services. Most lawn companies also charge a dumping fee for raked leaves and grass that can add an additional 15% to your overall costs.

If you decide to mow yourself, a lawnmower and ongoing mower maintenance and gas will add up as the years go by. We consider the effort you save on these chores a nice side benefit that supports astroturf cost.

Fertilizer and Weed Killer

To maintain a healthy sod lawn you’ll need to fertilize your grass three to four times during the growing season. A 1,000 sq.ft. lawn will cost approximately $60 per year.

Additionally, you’ll need a weed killer specifically created for sod. While weed killer isn’t expensive on its own, over time the costs will add up, especially if you hire a lawn service to maintain your lawn and handle mowing, fertilizer, and weed killer for you.

Enjoy Beautiful Green Spaces Without the Bother

Although the upfront cost of installing sod may seem lower, the time and money spent on maintaining sod over time will quickly outweigh your savings. Instead, enjoy a lush, green lawn year-round when you choose to have artificial turf installed by AGL.

Unlike astroturf prices or fake grass prices, which can be expensive without giving the illusion and feel of real grass, AGL’s synthetic lawn is both affordable and offers soft, beautiful grass for residential and commercial properties.

Talk to us today and find out how much artificial grass costs and much you can save with a next-gen artificial lawn.

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