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AGL Grass at
The Oscars

May 23, 2022

AGL Green Carpet at The Oscars

AGL was proud to be a part of the GLOBAL GREEN PRE-OSCAR® PARTY with a beautiful, lush, and eco-friendly green carpet.

Global Green USA launched its National Green School Initiative with a star-studded pre-Oscar® party at the Avalon Hollywood to raise funds and awareness for a sustainable future.

The event featured musical performances by Sheryl Crow and Gavin Rossdale.

The Oscars

AGL Grass at The Oscars

AGL Grass was used for the “Green Carpet” as celebrities arrived at the event, as well as covering the floor in the VIP Lounge.

Celebrity supporters in attendance at the event included: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Bosworth, Gwen Stefani, Bar Rafaeli, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Heather Graham, Kevin Connolly, Zachary Quinto, Benjamin McKenzie, Josie Maran, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Tia Carrere, Taylor Dane, Rosie Perez, and more.

The Oscars

AGL Grass at The Oscars

At the Global Green USA pre-Oscar® event in 2008, AGL also provided Artificial Grass for not only the “Green Carpet” press line, but also covered the floor of the event room.

This event, hosted by Bill Maher, featured companies that showcased their eco-green products, including our very own AGL Grass.

Press & Media

Rooftop Plant Wall in Surrey

November 13, 2022

On a warm summer’s evening, it’s nice to have the luxury of being able to sit outside and enjoy the sunset. This client in Surrey had the perfect space to do it, but wasn’t overly taken with the plain white concrete wall that surrounded their roof terrace. To liven this space for their tenants, the client looked to Vistafolia for a vibrant solution.

Artificial Plant Ceiling at London Shop

November 11, 2022

Some clients are surprised to discover how versatile Vistafolia’s products are. Did you know for instance that our green wall panels are also suited to creating artificial plant ceilings? This rare coin shop in London wanted to create a move inviting atmosphere for prospective clients and turned to Vistafolia to provide them with an innovative solution.

5 Benefits of Living Walls in Offices

November 9, 2022

Living walls, vertical gardens, and plant walls all refer to the creation of lush, vibrant walls decorated with beautiful foliage. Over the last few years, we have seen firsthand the rise in biophilic design in interior spaces. We cover the 5 benefits of living walls in office spaces and how transforming them can increase overall employee satisfaction.

Artificial Living Walls at AGL Grass

November 8, 2022

Vistafolia’s hyper-realistic artificial living walls are a visual product that deserves to be seen up close. Even upon a thorough inspection, it’s still hard to believe that it isn’t real. So, it’s no surprise that we choose to highlight such an incredible product in our showroom by making the faux plant walls a focal point at AGL. Creating that welcoming first impression is key to getting off on the right foot and making that sale.

Poolside Artificial Living Wall
In Venice Beach, California

November 3, 2022

If you’re one of those homeowners lucky enough to have a pool on your property, then you already know the value of having a relaxing space to unwind and cool off in the water. Unfortunately for this client in Venice Beach, California though, the large white wall adjacent to the poolside bar wasn’t really the urban oasis they were looking for. And so, they decided to enlist our trusted partners and use Vistafolia artificial plant panels to bring the space to life with the installation of a stunningly beautiful faux green wall.