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AGL Grass Texas offers luxury, non-infill artificial grass products and design in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our services to meet the unique requirements and preferences of our clients, offering custom artificial turf designs for residential and commercial landscapes including lawns, play areas, dog runs, pool surrounds, custom putting greens and more. No dream is out of reach with AGL Grass Texas – Let’s work together to realize your vision of the ultimate landscape!

Your projects require the utmost care, and AGL Grass Texas has over 12 years of knowledge and experience to support you along with the industry’s best synthetic grass products. Our expertise in artificial turf installation and design principles allows us to deliver first-class service as the leading synthetic grass experts in Texas. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing exceptional service and quality synthetic grass products to the residents of Texas. Whether you are looking to create a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape or simply want to upgrade your existing outdoor space, we are here to help. We supply the most innovative non-infill artificial grass for installation, distributing from Corpus Christi to Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Lubbock, and those along the way.

Contact us today to speak to a member of our team or come and visit our show room to find the perfect solution for your landscaping needs.  

Artificial Turf in Austin, Texas
and Beyond

Transform your property into an lush, beautiful, low-maintenance landscape with the help of AGL Grass Texas. Our array of artificial grass products can be used for all kinds of applications from residential lawns in Austin, commercial properties in San Antonio, dog parks in Fort Worth, playgrounds in Fredricksburg and university sports fields in Dallas.

AGL Grass
No Infill Needed
Triple Layer Backing
Delustered Fibers
Soft-Touch Blades
UV and Fire Rated
Experienced Professionals in Texas

AGL Grass Artificial
Grass Products

The most realistic and innovative synthetic grass products in the industry – no infill needed!

Premium Artificial Grass Products

Popular Products

Majestic 70

One of the most lush synthetic turfs in the industry,
with longer grass blades and a more dense pile.

AGL History

Saratoga 60

A beautiful combination of Field Green and Olive Green grass blades, with a soft and lush feel – perfect for any application.

AGL History

Golf Leisure

The perfect pile height and weight, with
extremely realistic and true golf performance.

AGL History

Saratoga 40

a stunning combination of Field Green and Olive Green grass blades, soft and lush to the touch.

AGL History
Innovative Products

Non-Infill Artificial Grass: AGL Grass’ Innovative Solution

Yes, You Read That Right.

AGL Grass Texas takes pride in offering the most advanced non-infill artificial grass solutions available in the market. Our innovative synthetic grass surpasses the appearance and performance or natural grass. Our synthetic grasses have been engineered to stand on their own above the rest without the need for sand or any type of infill to be resilient. Say goodbye to the hassle of truckloads of infill, lengthy installation processes, and constant maintenance.

Soft, durable and maintenance-free – that’s AGL Grass.

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Your Next Project

Designed for professionals, CAD Details is the place to access our technical data sheets, construction details, and CAD drawings for all your project needs.

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With the rise in cost of living across Texas and water levels at an all time low, finding ways to cut back on expenses is on everyone’s mind. Looking at the costs associated with lawn maintenance, switching to an artificial grass lawn can be the solution to saving money. Costly resources like water, fertilizers, and your time are wasted on lawns across Texas for aesthetics that cost to maintain but it doesn’t have to be this way. AGL Grass Texas offers the best eco-friendly and sustainable fake grass solutions for luxurious, evergreen drought-resistant landscaping without watering, weeding, or fertilizing –  forever.

Make an impact today by switching to artificial grass today for a better future tomorrow.

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Child and Pet-Friendly
Artificial Grass

Safety and durability is AGL Grass’ priority when it comes to developing products for children and pets, that’s why all AGL Grass products have been rigorously tested to ensure your loved ones are safe to play in our synthetic grass! Allergy-free, irritant-free, and no need for infill: that’s the AGL Grass commitment.

Artificial Grass Applications
02 – our mission

Sustainable Landscaping
Lawn Alternatives


Artificial Turf of
Undeniable Beauty

Being water-wise doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning green lawn. AGL Grass Texas offers a wide variety of ultra-realistic fake grasses to create dynamic and memorable landscapes that look and feel like real grass. Let’s work together to create the lawn of your dreams.

Our synthetic grass is versatile and durable, making it perfect for intricate patterns and high-traffic areas like patio stones, pool surrounds, sports courts, and more!

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Transform Landscapes with The #1 Artificial Grass for Contractors

AGL Grass proudly presents the industry’s most lifelike synthetic grass solutions. With our collaboration with contractors, we not only provide top-notch artificial turf but also a range of innovative products that will transform your projects into captivating landscapes.

Our grass is engineered to surpass expectations, standing the test of time without the need for infill. It boasts a unique design that ensures it bounces back and never matts, capturing the beauty of natural grass while offering a resilient outdoor solution.

Stand out from the competition and offer your clients the most realistic and long-lasting grass on the market. Elevate your business today by partnering with AGL Grass Texas!

Our clients say it best

Their service and product are above and beyond so many of the competitors I met with. I highly recommend calling AGL Grass Texas for your turf!

Reece H.

Highly recommend AGL Grass Texas! The entire crew has been professional and the results are outstanding.

Michael C.

I am extremely pleased with my new AGL Grass and it has been amazing for me and my dogs. No more mud in the house! It also looks 100% real and feels great in bare feet!

Marcy W.

We are so happy that we chose AGL Grass Texas to install the turf in our front yard. Thank you for making our front yard clean and beautiful! I hope many of our other neighbors will see this and decide to install artificial grass instead of real grass during this drought season. Great company with a outstanding job. They finished on time very punctual. Highly recommend to the community!

Residential Client

AGL Grass Texas by The Numbers

Millions of sq. ft.

…of synthetic turf installed each year.

12+ Years

…of industry knowledge and experience with artificial grass and installation.


…worry-free warranty on our grass products.

100% Non-toxic

…child and pet friendly.

Thank you for your interest
in AGL Grass Texas


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