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AGL Grass
Featured on HGTV’s
Living With Ed

May 23, 2022

AGL Grass Featured on HGTV’s
Living With Ed

AGL Artificial Grass was featured on HGTV’s hit reality series “Living with Ed” starring Ed Begley Jr.

The show follows the actor in his quest to live his life with a small carbon footprint. One of the most frequent capers Begley engages in is making his home more environmentally friendly, about which he competes with his best friend, Bill Nye.

HGTV – Living With Ed

AGL Grass on HGTV

An AGL Grass representative appeared on the show to educate and install AGL synthetic grass at Ed’s house. We showed off the many benefits and features of the environmentally friendly product, highlighting the fact that it does not need any water or harmful pesticides and does not require the use of carbon-emitting lawn equipment.

Begley and his family were quite impressed with not only the positive environmental impact but also the beautifully lush, green look and feel of their new artificial grass.

HGTV Living With Ed

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Rooftop Plant Wall in Surrey

November 13, 2022

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