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5 Benefits of
Living Walls in

November 9, 2022

Benefits of Living Walls
In Office Spaces

Living walls, vertical gardens, and plant walls all refer to the creation of lush, vibrant walls decorated with beautiful foliage. Over the last few years, we have seen firsthand the rise in biophilic design in interior spaces. With more people working from home, it has been a refreshing addition to their workspaces, surrounding themselves with greenery in an otherwise stale environment. Now that employees are being asked to go back to the office, how can employers improve their workspaces to create inviting environments their employees are excited to go to?

Embracing the addition of living walls in office spaces can improve work culture, decrease stress levels among workers, increase productivity and minimize distracting ambient noise in high-traffic areas. Having walls of foliage also correlates with the brand image, being associated with sustainability and being eco-conscious; a bonus to incorporating green walls into the workplace.

Vertical gardens revitalize dull, industrial spaces with natural, lush foliage. Create a one-of-a-kind work experience that fosters creativity and growth by bringing the outdoors, in with living walls.

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Living Walls Enhance Dull Workspaces

Just because offices are meant for work doesn’t mean they have to lack character. Employees will spend one-third of their lifetime working, so why not improve the quality of their workspaces with greenery

Plants Decrease Stress

When you think of a calming, relaxing environment, what do you see? Most likely there is lush greenery there and that is no coincidence. In the absence of plant life, psychologists have found that stress levels, anxiety, and depression increase but lower with the introduction of plants. It is why “plant therapy” is a method of combating these symptoms by bringing a sense of calmness and relaxation to stressed individuals. Incorporating living walls in stressful environments like offices can aid in reducing employee anxiety and frustration while fostering a work culture of calmness and happiness.

Reduce Ambient Noise with Vertical Gardens

Aesthetics and insulation don’t often complement each other but foliage is a lesser-known insulator of sound. Plants are used in a variety of noise attenuation applications already such as on the side of highways and other locations where urban noise pollution is high. Living walls insulate noise, vibrations, and sound penetration through their leaves. The greater number of plants present directly correlates with the absorption of noise pollution and increases the acoustic quality in the room. So if you find that your workspace is in need of noise reduction, you can easily, and aesthetically, do so with vertical wall gardens.

Vertical Plant Walls Increase Productivity and Creativity

Creative slumps happen to us all but one way to get out of them is to look to nature, specifically greenery. Studies show that the colour green increases creative output over any other colour on the spectrum. Green is associated with growth, motivating us to improve not only our work but ourselves. Productivity, decision-making, and overall employee satisfaction are higher in workplaces that feature lush foliage compared to those that do not. Enrich your facility with living walls and improve the efficiency of your staff.

Increase Improve Your Brand Image with Green Living Walls

Sustainability is a huge topic of conversation, especially when it comes to companies and their efforts to lead more sustainably. Humans innately associate greenery with an organic, healthy, natural atmosphere and associate those values with organizations. Creating a welcoming environment by greeting workers with gardens of lush plant life will leave them in awe by the refreshing change from a once lifeless facility into a breathtaking eco-conscious centre of innovation.


Green Living Walls Without the Maintenance

So, you are considering adding a living wall but the idea of watering, pruning, and the potential decay of living plants is keeping you from moving forward. Well, who said natural plants were the only option? VistaFolia is the world’s most hyper-realistic, biodiverse artificial living wall manufacturer in the industry. Backed by years of research and vigorous testing, VistaFolia has pioneered faux plants that can withstand a multitude of environmental factors, from fading to frost and fire resistance and is used around the world for interior and exterior applications. Achieve the ultimate biophilic design anywhere without ever having to worry about gardening, maintenance, odours, or decay with VistaFolia’s artificial living wall panels. Each panel contains 72 different plant species and comes with 3 different patterns so any project, big or small, will never look fake or repetitive. Customizing your artificial plant walls is easy with VistaFolia’s texture and colour boxes that add depth and dimension to the already diverse plant panels.

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